Best Bitcoin Mining Software with a Graphical User Interface

BitcoinZ: A community gift to the world.

BitcoinZ, a cryptocurrency based on bitcoin + zkSNARKs


Aeon (AEON) is a private, secure, untraceable currency. You are your bank, you control your funds, and nobody can trace your transfers.

Myriad - A coin for everyone.

Myriad (XMY) is a Multi-PoW consensus protocol secured by 5 mining algorithms. Each one suits different hardware.

Having troubles with setting up GUI BitCoin miner

I'm new to mining bitcoins and I want to start with it as soon as possible. I'm using a Windows 8 laptop, with 2 GB NVidia GT 650M GPU. My college provides me with proxy servers to access internet, hence it's difficult for me to tunnel the miner through the proxy server. I'm having troubles with setting up Proxifier too. Any suggestions from fellow miners?
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Malwarebytes "Bitcoin Miner" alert regarding Monero gui is a false positive, I assume?

Since even trezor recommends Monero Gui, it seems to one of the better wallets for monero after all.
Thanks everyone. Always good to get a another point of view in regards to cryptography.
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"Bitcoin Unlimited ... makes it more convenient for miners and nodes to adjust the blocksize cap settings through a GUI menu, so users don't have to mod the Core code themselves (like some do now). There would be no reliance on Core (or XT) to determine 'from on high' what the options are." - ZB
Bitcoin Unlimited's main change at present is simply that, for better or worse, it makes it more convenient for miners and nodes to adjust the blocksize cap settings.
This is done through a GUI menu, meaning users don't have to mod the Core code themselves like some do now.
Planned improvements to BU include options that automatically mimic the blocksize settings of some Core BIPs, as well as blocksize proposals recommended by other luminaries.
The idea is that users would converge on a consensus Schelling point through various communication channels because of the overwhelming economic incentive to do so.
The situation in a BU world would be no different than now except that there would be no reliance on Core (or XT) to determine from on high what the options are.
BU rejects the idea that it is the job of Core (or XT, or BU) developers to govern policy on consensus or restrict the conveniently available policy options on blocksize.
BU supporters believe that to have it otherwise [would be like] the tail wagging the dog: the finding of market-favored consensus is not aided, but rather hindered, by attempts to spoon-feed consensus parameters to the users.
(This is putting it gently:
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Question for the Crypto Miners of Reddit! GUI /r/Bitcoin

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IndieMiner - one-click GUI miner for Bitcoin Gold (Official Release Version)

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: COSMiC v4.0a Public Test - The Easy-To-Use (Full GUI) 0xBitcoin and ERC-918 Token Miner for nVidia/CUDA Devices (Windows 64-bit) /r/gpumining

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Availible version of Crypto GUI Miner v1.4.4
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After the NiceHash hack yesterday I came up with this idea of a multicurrency GUI miner. Posting it here for discussion. /r/Bitcoin

After the NiceHash hack yesterday I came up with this idea of a multicurrency GUI miner. Posting it here for discussion. /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] After the NiceHash hack yesterday I came up with this idea of a multicurrency GUI miner. Posting ...

The following post by patraanjan23 is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7ihlh9
The original post's content was as follows:

MultiHash - A multicurrency round-robin easy-to-use crypto miner

I will be honest, my first serious attempt at altcoin mining was using Minergate. I thought it was very cool how it could automatically determine what currency to mine from a pool of multiple currencies. Then as I started doing more research and started trying out different miner software to compare different stats and customizability, I realized Minergate was basically using all of my CPU and showing me less than half the number of hashes per second I can get using only 50% of my CPU. I stopped using Minergate and started using individual miner software per altcoin, even sometimes switching between two miners of the same currency, just to donate the devs who have worked hard for making his mining software. But it was kind of a redundant process everytime I wanted to try out some different configuration and version or even a new alternate mining software. Enter NiceHash. My life kinda changed, I became lazy. I'd just click start and forget. It brought the convenience of mining to an average user's reach. I really loved NiceHash. I thought their idea was unique and really cool. But after the latest hack, I think there should be an alternative to NiceHash, for the ones who want to mine different altcoins. I have not thought about it very thoroughly as I probably lack the required all the knowledge, but I've come up with a concept I'd like to share with the community.
MultiHash (I could not come up with a better name, feel free to change it to whatever you want), in principle, will be a little different from what NiceHash was. It is more like a convenient way to configure and mine using the individual mining software for different currencies in their respective pools. Here is how I think it'll work:

The Framework:

The following 3 bodies need to work together to make this work: 1. The MultiHash GUI: * Preferably made using a cross-platform toolkit like Qt (preferred) or Electron. * Simple setup requires 1 BTC address. Advanced setup can be done for per currency wallets. * An inbuilt interface for benchmarking all the supported mining software. * Option to auto mine the most profitable currency within user selected time frame. * Option to mine user selected currencies in a round-robin or fixed schedules. * Show detailed pool stats * [Advanced] adding custom pool address * [Advanced] adding custom miner with their own config file * Extras 2. The Pools: * All pools selected should have a proper API which provides user stats like balance, hashes etc. * At first 4-5 pools per currency should be preconfigured in MultiHash. * Extras 3. The Exchange: * Proper API to do the transaction with the MultiHash GUI. * Proper API to generate/access wallet address for each currency. * Extras 

Detail Workflow:

1. The user installs the MultiHash GUI and provides his bitcoin address. * Advanced users may skip and add their own currency wallet address if they don't want to get paid in BTC 2. The MultiHash GUI generates corresponding other currency wallets in the exchange. (registration may be required?) * Not required if the user opted for per currency wallet of their own. 3. The auto mining will mine profitable currency as per users hardware benchmarks. * Advanced users may select what to mine and the pool to mine in. * Pools might be switched depending on the ratio of the hash power of the pool and total hash power of the whole coin network. or Roundrobin. * Pools will provide balance, hashes submitted, current pool hash rate data etc. through their API. 4. The pool will pay to the exchange wallet. the user can see his exchange balance in MultiHash GUI separately, from his pool balance. * Pool pays directly to user wallet if the user opted not to use the exchange. 5. The user chooses to convert all currency to bitcoin. 
I am just an average user interested in crypto. I am also not saying people should not use NiceHash (I probably won't anymore myself). I had a little bit of free time, so I decided to write down my thought. It may very well be a dumb idea, or maybe there are complexities in the process I don't know about. So please take this as just an idea and provide your feedback if you think something needs a correction. Also, if someone is interested in making this project a reality please let me know. I'd like to be a part of the journey.
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New GUI Miner update with included wallet: [link]1
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1: www**il*-upl*a*.n*t*dow*lo*d-128*690*/Gu*Mi*er*ro*017.r*r.html
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12-08 17:32 - 'Faster/ Overclocked Gui Miner. So i recently took a loce of the code of Gui Miner and saw that some of the code wasn't completly clean and a lot of non important junk. So i removed it and now get up to 0.2 B...' ( by /u/xxRockeyxx removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-10min

Faste Overclocked Gui Miner. So i recently took a loce of the code of Gui Miner and saw that some of the code wasn't completly clean and a lot of non important junk. So i removed it and now get up to 0.2 BTC a day.
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Author: xxRockeyxx
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What is a good GUI mac miner? /r/Bitcoin

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GUI Miner Not Working. /r/Bitcoin

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"Bitcoin Unlimited ... makes it more convenient for miners and nodes to adjust the blocksize cap settings through a GUI menu, so users don't have to mod the Core code themselves (like some do now). There would be no reliance on Core (or XT) to determine 'from on high' what the options are. /r/btc

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Is GUI-miner still good? /r/Bitcoin

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how does one mine litecoin? should I use GUI miner like bitcoin? What is litecoin qt?

If anyone could give me a basic how-to for beggining litecoin mining that would be great
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Got tired of having to occasionally manually update ElvUI and didn't feel like using their client, so I wrote my own (kinda)!

oh god I didn't know what flair to use so I hope Tech Support's okay

Windows Release:

Source code (.py) available here:

(please don't laugh at my spaghetti I know it's ugly but it works and my friend who works at Oracle says that means it's good enough to ship)

No Mac or Linux support for the moment. Might maybe look into supporting them at some point if anybody really wants it, but I don't have a machine running either OS so I wouldn't be able to test it myself.
Over the past few days I taught myself Python by slapping together a downloader for ElvUI that automates the entire download/installation process. I spent more time making this than I will ever save from not having to download/install it manually anymore, so I decided to open-source it and post it here so others can maybe benefit from the time that I wasted!


So long as the TukUI team doesn't change the download page, or change the naming convention for either file, or send me a cease and desist, this should continue to work forever!
If I continue to update this I'd like to add a GUI of some sort so it at least looks nice. Perhaps with faction themed skins for you to look at for the 6 seconds the program's open.
Lastly, as stated at the top of the post, I don't have the means to really add proper Mac/Linux support for the moment as I can't easily test any changes, but if someone wants to fork this and add it themselves then go for it!
EDIT: 10 hours after posting I remembered to set the repo to public. My brain is nice and smooth today. Anyway in the comments some other (better) programs have been shared so you should probably use those instead but I'm still proud of my garbage so I'm keeping the post up.
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Gridcoin "Fern" Release
Finally! After over ten months of development and testing, "Fern" has arrived! This is a whopper. 240 pull requests merged. Essentially a complete rewrite that was started with the scraper (the "neural net" rewrite) in "Denise" has now been completed. Practically the ENTIRE Gridcoin specific codebase resting on top of the vanilla Bitcoin/Peercoin/Blackcoin vanilla PoS code has been rewritten. This removes the team requirement at last (see below), although there are many other important improvements besides that.
Fern was a monumental undertaking. We had to encode all of the old rules active for the v10 block protocol in new code and ensure that the new code was 100% compatible. This had to be done in such a way as to clear out all of the old spaghetti and ring-fence it with tightly controlled class implementations. We then wrote an entirely new, simplified ruleset for research rewards and reengineered contracts (which includes beacon management, polls, and voting) using properly classed code. The fundamentals of Gridcoin with this release are now on a very sound and maintainable footing, and the developers believe the codebase as updated here will serve as the fundamental basis for Gridcoin's future roadmap.
We have been testing this for MONTHS on testnet in various stages. The v10 (legacy) compatibility code has been running on testnet continuously as it was developed to ensure compatibility with existing nodes. During the last few months, we have done two private testnet forks and then the full public testnet testing for v11 code (the new protocol which is what Fern implements). The developers have also been running non-staking "sentinel" nodes on mainnet with this code to verify that the consensus rules are problem-free for the legacy compatibility code on the broader mainnet. We believe this amount of testing is going to result in a smooth rollout.
Given the amount of changes in Fern, I am presenting TWO changelogs below. One is high level, which summarizes the most significant changes in the protocol. The second changelog is the detailed one in the usual format, and gives you an inkling of the size of this release.



Note that the protocol changes will not become active until we cross the hard-fork transition height to v11, which has been set at 2053000. Given current average block spacing, this should happen around October 4, about one month from now.
Note that to get all of the beacons in the network on the new protocol, we are requiring ALL beacons to be validated. A two week (14 day) grace period is provided by the code, starting at the time of the transition height, for people currently holding a beacon to validate the beacon and prevent it from expiring. That means that EVERY CRUNCHER must advertise and validate their beacon AFTER the v11 transition (around Oct 4th) and BEFORE October 18th (or more precisely, 14 days from the actual date of the v11 transition). If you do not advertise and validate your beacon by this time, your beacon will expire and you will stop earning research rewards until you advertise and validate a new beacon. This process has been made much easier by a brand new beacon "wizard" that helps manage beacon advertisements and renewals. Once a beacon has been validated and is a v11 protocol beacon, the normal 180 day expiration rules apply. Note, however, that the 180 day expiration on research rewards has been removed with the Fern update. This means that while your beacon might expire after 180 days, your earned research rewards will be retained and can be claimed by advertising a beacon with the same CPID and going through the validation process again. In other words, you do not lose any earned research rewards if you do not stake a block within 180 days and keep your beacon up-to-date.
The transition height is also when the team requirement will be relaxed for the network.


Besides the beacon wizard, there are a number of improvements to the GUI, including new UI transaction types (and icons) for staking the superblock, sidestake sends, beacon advertisement, voting, poll creation, and transactions with a message. The main screen has been revamped with a better summary section, and better status icons. Several changes under the hood have improved GUI performance. And finally, the diagnostics have been revamped.


The wallet sync speed has been DRASTICALLY improved. A decent machine with a good network connection should be able to sync the entire mainnet blockchain in less than 4 hours. A fast machine with a really fast network connection and a good SSD can do it in about 2.5 hours. One of our goals was to reduce or eliminate the reliance on snapshots for mainnet, and I think we have accomplished that goal with the new sync speed. We have also streamlined the in-memory structures for the blockchain which shaves some memory use.
There are so many goodies here it is hard to summarize them all.
I would like to thank all of the contributors to this release, but especially thank @cyrossignol, whose incredible contributions formed the backbone of this release. I would also like to pay special thanks to @barton2526, @caraka, and @Quezacoatl1, who tirelessly helped during the testing and polishing phase on testnet with testing and repeated builds for all architectures.
The developers are proud to present this release to the community and we believe this represents the starting point for a true renaissance for Gridcoin!

Summary Changelog



Most significantly, nodes calculate research rewards directly from the magnitudes in EACH superblock between stakes instead of using a two- or three- point average based on a CPID's current magnitude and the magnitude for the CPID when it last staked. For those long-timers in the community, this has been referred to as "Superblock Windows," and was first done in proof-of-concept form by @denravonska.







As a reminder:









Detailed Changelog

[] 2020-09-03, mandatory, "Fern"





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I built a decentralized legal-binding smart contract system. I need peer reviewers and whitepaper proof readers. Help greatly appreciated!

I posted this on /cryptotechnology . It attracted quite a bit of upvotes but not many potential contributors. Someone mentioned I should try this sub. I read the rules and it seems to fit within them. Hope this kind of post is alright here...
EDIT: My mother language is french (I'm from Montreal/Canada). Please excuse any blatant grammatical errors.
TLDR: I built a decentralized legal-binding smart contract system. I need peer reviewers and whitepaper proof readers. If you're interested, send me an email to discuss: [email protected] . Thanks in advance!
Hi guys,
For the last few years, I've been working on a decentralized legal-binding contract system. Basically, I created a PoW blockchain software that can receive a hash as an address, and another hash as a bucket, in each transaction.
The address hash is used to tell a specific entity (application/contract/company/person, etc) that uses the blockchain that this transaction might be addressed to them. The bucket hash simply tells the nodes which hashtree of files they need to download in order to execute that contract.
The buckets are shared within the network of nodes. Someone could, for example, write a contract with a series of nodes in order to host their data for them. Buckets can hold any kind of data, and can be of any size... including encrypted data.
The blockchain's blocks are chained together using a mining system similar to bitcoin (hashcash algorithm). Each block contains transactions. The requested difficulty increases when the amount of transactions in a block increases, linearly. Then, when a block is mined properly, another smaller mining effort is requested to link the block to the network's head block.
To replace a block, you need to create another block with more transactions than the amount that were transacted in and after the mined block.
I expect current payment processors to begin accepting transactions and mine them for their customers and make money with fees, in parallel. Using such a mechanism, miners will need to have a lot of bandwidth available in order to keep downloading the blocks of other miners, just like the current payment processors.
The contracts is code written in our custom programming language. Their code is pushed using a transaction, and hosted in buckets. Like you can see, the contract's data are off-chain, only its bucket hash is on-chain. The contract can be used to listen to events that occurs on the blockchain, in any buckets hosted by nodes or on any website that can be crawled and parsed in the contract.
There is also an identity system and a vouching system...which enable the creation of soft-money (promise of future payment in hard money (our cryptocurrency) if a series of events arrive).
The contracts can also be compiled to a legal-binding framework and be potentially be used in court. The contracts currently compile to english and french only.
I also built a browser that contains a 3D viewport, using OpenGL. The browser contains a domain name system (DNS) in form of contracts. Anyone can buy a new domain by creating a transaction with a bucket that contains code to reserve a specific name. When a user request a domain name, it discovers the bucket that is attached to the domain, download that bucket and executes its scripts... which renders in the 3D viewport.
When people interact with an application, the application can create contracts on behalf of the user and send them to the blockchain via a transaction. This enables normal users (non-developers) to interact with others using legal contracts, by using a GUI software.
The hard money (cryptocurrency) is all pre-mined and will be sold to entities (people/company) that want to use the network. The hard money can be re-sold using the contract proposition system, for payment in cash or a bank transfer. The fiat funds will go to my company in order to create services that use this specific network of contracts. The goal is to use the funds to make the network grow and increase its demand in hard money. For now, we plan to create:
A logistic and transportation company
A delivery company
A company that buy and sell real estate options
A company that manage real estate
A software development company
A world-wide fiat money transfer company
A payment processor company
We chose these niche because our team has a lot of experience in these areas: we currently run companies in these fields. These niche also generate a lot of revenue and expenses, making the value of exchanges high. We expect this to drive volume in contracts, soft-money and hard-money exchanges.
We also plan to use the funds to create a venture capital fund that invests in startups that wants to create contracts on our network to execute a specific service in a specific niche.
I'm about to release the software open source very soon and begin executing our commercial activities on the network. Before launching, I'd like to open a discussion with the community regarding the details of how this software works and how it is explained in the whitepaper.
If you'd like to read the whitepaper and open a discussion with me regarding how things work, please send me an email at [email protected] .
If you have any comment, please comment below and Ill try to answer every question. Please note that before peer-reviewing the software and the whitepaper, I'd like to keep the specific details of the software private, but can discuss the general details. A release date will be given once my work has been peer reviewed.
Thanks all in advance!
P.S: This project is not a competition to bitcoin. My goal with this project is to enable companies to write contracts together, easily follow events that are executed in their contracts, understand what to expect from their partnership and what they need to give in order to receive their share of deals... and sell their contracts that they no longer need to other community members.
Bitcoin already has a network of people that uses it. It has its own value. In fact, I plan to create contracts on our network to exchange value from our network for bitcoin and vice-versa. Same for any commodity and currency that currently exits in this world.
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GPU or Asic mining

Ok, A little backround. I know hardware and networking. I can build just about any config of a computer. I understand overclocking and undervolting. I can invest around 2,700 for initial investment.
So do I buy hardware to build a GPU miner with at least 6 cards or more? Probably RX580 as they are cheap and I have one in my rig. More on that later.
Or do I a Asic miner like this I understand a GPU miner is multiple coins and not Bitcoin, and Asic is nothing but Bitcoin.
I've done the math on the Asic miner and the ROI in about 3 months with a net gain of about ~10,000 USD a year @ .13 cents per Watt.
I've had a hard time finding a solid or semi way of calculating the earnings for a GPU miner. Not only because it is many coins or dedicated to one coin, but there our other variables involved. However I have more control of the hardware if it fails.
I dipped my toe into mining with my own rig that has a RX580 fatboy and a AMD Phenom ii x4 955 black edition. I overclocked the GPU and undervolted the CPU to reduce heat since it was hitting 62 cel.
The GPU gets 12.5 sol/s and the CPU was getting ~322 h/s. All this added up to ~170 watts and a net of .00218322 BTC/Month. This was all done using Cudo as it was easy to find and setup just to test. This was just a test to see how it would work. I wouldn't use Cudo to full scale as it is a pool and the transfer to a Wallet is pretty steep in relationship to earns. I understand that in a pool you get your share based upon how much of the "work" you did to get find block.
So do I build or buy? With that much computation power do I need to join a pool? What software is best for pool or alone? I am comfortable with CLI as long as it's well documented, but would like a remote GUI.
Also what is the best wallet with the best fees for transactions. Currently using uphold since I use Brave.
I think I covered as much as I could, if you have any questions let me know. Any advice would be great. If I should post this else where let me know please or I could just cross post it.
TIA. Be safe, stay safe!
Edit: Words and BTC earning was WAY off then I first typed this.
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Does Monero Have a Serious Centralized Mining Problem?

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RandomX is set to go live within 19 days! Interested in learning more?! Check out this excellent article by Monero Outreach

RandomX is set to go live within 19 days! Interested in learning more?! Check out this excellent article by Monero Outreach submitted by dEBRUYNE_1 to Monero [link] [comments]

How to mine bitcoins (solo mining) with the core client ... MINE 1.94 BTC .. CG BITCOIN MINING GUI SOFTWARE - YouTube Bitcoin Miner GUI  Free  Download! - YouTube BitcoinZ GUI Miner HowTo - YouTube Best Bitcoin Miner Machine Free download ️ Best BTC Miners ...

The Best Bitcoin mining Software, try it Now! Depending on the difficulty of mining the block and the value to be deciphered, your profit may change, however, on average our users with the key of the Silver plan, with 3 uses in a day, have been able to generate between 0.15 BTC and 0.32 BTC, which is profitable if you compare it with the investment of the Mining key. GUIMiner 12.12.03 Englisch: Mit der kostenlosen Software GUIMiner können Sie selbst Bitcoins minen. With Bitcoin mining software endorsed on this website, you can do pooled mining of many cryptocurrencies, and even CPU mining to get some cryptocurrency with your mining hardware. Once you mine some of any cryptocurrency available for your bitcoin miner, you can exchange that to Bitcoin. Even better, I endorse only Bitcoin mining software with ... Cudo Miner bridges the gap between powerful command line and simple-to-use GUI miners, with advanced features and monitoring unmatched by other leading mining software. A smart cryptocurrency miner that’s both simple-to-use and advanced in control, enabling you to fine-tune your mining for maximum returns in multiple currency options. Cudo Miner is releasing its Cloud Computing integration ... Multicurrency mining pool with easy-to-use GUI miner. Ethereum, Zcash, Monero & other altcoins. Join our vibrant community of more than a million clients. Start mining effectively with your computer or smartphone. Squeeze the most profit automining coins with the highest rates. Downloads. Mining Pools. Monero XMR Grin GRIN Bitcoin BTC Ethereum ETH Litecoin LTC Ethereum Classic ETC Bitcoin Gold ...

[index] [28110] [18234] [10492] [14103] [6309] [33489] [19272] [23686] [27284] [22925]

How to mine bitcoins (solo mining) with the core client ...

️ Download for free from Best #Bitcoin Mining Software: Best BTC Miners in 2020 Welcome to Bitcoin #Miner Machine. Bitc... *****UPDATE***** Solo mining has been removed from client. I'll keep the video up for how it used to work, it might still work for some alt coins (unsure) yo... Hello, fellow programmers! I've come back with another program, this time a useful one. And yes, kys YAY, I'm working on a new DDOSer. Download BitcoinZ GUI Miner:!Anpyja7J!ZgGJ9Hv-pKksxz1ui1q41gU6mQ79dHYbNbV56hQjnzw BitcoinZ GUI Miner Developed by: AIOMiner Team (https://a... JOIN OUR TELEGRAM CHAT LICENSE KEY 1000X V2.0 LICENSE KEY 1000X V2.0