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International anti-blackshades operation: Expect a big increase of the price SOON

During two days of operations taking place in 16 countries worldwide, coordinated by Eurojust in The Hague and supported by the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol, creators, sellers and users of BlackShades malware were targeted by judicial and law enforcement authorities.
During both action days, 359 house searches were carried out worldwide, and more than 80 people were arrested. Over 1100 data storage devices suspected of being used in illegal activities were seized, including computers, laptops, mobile telephones, routers, external hard drives and USB memory sticks. Substantial quantities of cash, illegal firearms and drugs were also seized
Source: Europol website.
What does it mean?
For me this is a very big issue that will push bitcoin price up during the coming weeks.
1) People get arrested because the creator was arrested and disclose all financial transactions (Paypal and Credit card)
2) Yes, hackers buy a lot of stuff with Paypal. And most of them don't have bitcoins. Why ? because they think that buying stuff was not outlaw, just the use is punished. This is true, except that authorities can knock you door and take all your computers just because they "suspect" you. This case is a major legal turn, worldwide.
3) Nobody knows how many "hackers" are involved in cyber-criminality. But I guess that this number is >> of the number of bitcoin users. This is why I believe that we will see a big increase very soon. Example: hackforums.net = 419,971 users. More than this reddit.
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How to change bitcoins to paypal safely?

Hello I just got bitcoins as a refund the day before yesterday from a guy who does seo services but he did not finish the seo for 1 year so I requested a refund of $360, i firstly paid him with paypal money a year ago and last time i talked to him 1 bitcoin was worth 534 usd. that time i did not know how bitcoin works and wat the hell that is so i did some research. then i requested a refund again and he said he will have the money in 20 days. and then i requested a refund from him but he is nowhere to be found so i posted on his hackforums seo thread saying he scammed me. then he quickly responded saying he would give me refund by bitcoin.
i didnt want bitcoins because the price of it is $645 for 1 bitcoin now and it is very high in value rised $100. he refunded me only $100 and said he will have refund me more later. i dont want bitcoins anymore because the price will go down or up, if it goes down he wont refund me and if it goes up like $700 he will refund me and then i have less bitcoins...
sooo my question is how do i change the bitcoins to paypal money safely so people cannot chargeback the paypal money and my bitcoins are gone. is there a trusted site that does this?
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