Romanian Bitcoin Entrepreneur Steps In To Pay OpenBSD ...

Romanian Bitcoin billionaire saves OpenBSD

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Bitcoin millionaire is betting on 2014 seeing massive resource shortages.

One good use for Bitcoin is to place bets. You can bet on just about anything.
I checked Bitbet today and saw someone had placed three new bets.
The three bets are on cattle prices going above 250 dollars, crude oil going above 200 dollar, and iron ore going above 200 dollar. Total betting size is 9 BTC, or 6300 dollar, admittedly not much. It has to be noted though that the betting structure tends to encourage people to place larger bets on the same position at a later point, when the outcome becomes more certain.
The bets the guy placed all point to the same address, where any profits will be sent:
This address previously received 14.150 BTC in a transaction, thus we know the owner is a millionaire. In all likelihood the owner of the address is the Romanian Mircea Popescu, who also owns the betting website in question and is described in this article as a billionaire. He may be related to Edward Popescu, who is listed by Forbes as a Romanian billionaire who manages his families estate.
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In our Bitcoin Billionaire evaluation, we needed to approach the issue whether it’s worth considering that this robot. Particularly in the sphere of crypto robots that you listen to again and again of sheep, attempting to fraud and scam investors the money from the pocket and for that reason do not even offer a functioning software. If you experience a new Bitcoin robot, then you must first ... New submitter MrBingoBoingo writes "Recently it was announced here on Slashdot that OpenBSD was facing an impending shortfall that jeopardized its continued existence. A sponsorship to save OpenBSD has been announced, and it wasn't one of the usual culprits that saved OpenBSD, but a Romanian Bitcoin billionaire." The Billionaire Group Limited is reliable and Regiser Company in United Kingdom Under Companieshouse License No.11820931.Our company has physical office and D&B Also verified and Approve DUNS 22-471-0011.The Billionaire Group Limited is a Group of Companies with some shareholders and Financial Expert Collaboration.This is a World class Investment Opportunity with Capital Gain and Provide Fixed ... A mysterious Bitcoin-powered white knight is reported to have come to the rescue of the struggling OpenBSD Foundation. Described as a Romanian billionaire, an individual named Mircea Popescu has offered to bail out the OpenBSD Foundation. The Foundation responsible for maintaining OpenBSD is $20,000 in the red over an electricity bill for powering the servers which host the operating system ... The man in question is Silviu Catalin Bacali, a 35-year-old Romanian programmer who was arrested in Germany last December. as authorities began a search for all the perpetrators of the crime.

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