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The price of bitcoin is not like the price of a company's stock, or the value of a currency, or even the price of gold. A company's true value changes in relation to its surrounding industry sector, the performance of the sales of a product, or the changing of management. There is no technical difference between the Euro and the Dollar. More gold can even be produced by investing in mining the Earth's crust for more gold.
Bitcoin is technically unique. It is the first, most battle-tested, most secure, and largest, decentralised currency. And unlike gold, or any other commodity, there is an absolute hard limit of 21m bitcoin that can ever be produced. Any other object in the world can be produced more of, by investing time and human labour to produce it. There are techniques to producing arable land from desert; sea water can be desalinated to make it drinkable; asteroids can be mined for gold - it's not easy, but it's all technically possible. But no matter what we do, we will never produce more than 21m bitcoin. This leads to the conclusion that bitcoin is the first truly scarce store of value (Saifedean Ammous, The Bitcoin Standard).
Coupled with the utility that bitcoin can also be used as a near-instant digital payment system, this has led to valuations of bitcoin, based purely on its utility, of over $1 million. For example, one research paper valued each bitcoin as $5.8 million. This other valuation (page 1 of 7) puts it at $4 million. Many others have valued one bitcoin as over a million dollars, taking into account the current size of the gold market, current size of the broad money supply, etc. Bitcoin is technically superior to them all, due to the elimination of trust, and the absolute scarcity. Bitcoin and even the crypto market in general is still extremely small.
I believe the price movements seen thus far are bitcoin breaking through dollar price barriers, on the way to its eventual multi-million dollar valuation. There are four major notions to bear in mind:
  1. The only factors that influence the price of an object are the true value of it (i.e. how useful it is to humans), and how valuable humans think it is. In other words, the object itself, and the humans that buy/sell it.
  2. The technical usefulness of bitcoin hasn't changed (it has, in fact, improved).
  3. Since the invention of bitcoin, the human mind has not changed.
  4. Due to psychology, immediate price movements of a product influence a human's perception of the value of the product, i.e. regardless of the usefulness of the product itself, if the price is going down, an average human is more likely to sell, if the price is going up, a human is more likely to buy.
For example, if I told you about a company who's shares have gone from under $2000 dollars, to $7000 in a year, that's over 250% yield in a year, which you'd no doubt agree is a stellar investment. But I've just described bitcoin's yield in the last year. People forget that fact, because when they see the chart, they see this.
If you were trying to assess the investment opportunity of bitcoin in July 2013, you would be looking at this graph.
Trying to assess the investment opportunity of bitcoin today, you're looking at this graph.
The similarity is striking. Based on the notions I've just stated, I believe that the pattern of what has already happened will essentially happen again. The conventional mantra of "past trends do not guarantee future performance" is a statement that investment companies need to tell people when they try and guess stock price movements. Bitcoin is not the same as any other conventional investment at the moment, and the phrase does not apply. Bitcoin is a newly-discovered commodity. Everything is the same as it was in July 2013 - the product is the same and the humans are the same. Except for one crucial factor. Bitcoin's price is now of the order of $1000 instead of $100. The price movements are becoming "slower", i.e. the graph is becoming more "stretched", because bitcoin is closer to its true valuation in July 2018 than it was in July 2013. It's a curve approaching a true value - see this log graph of the entire price history and you'll see it's actually becoming less volatile overall.
In terms of the many "crashes" that the price has gone through, I believe that this is down to human psychology. Again, nothing changed about the technical utility of bitcoin to force people to sell. There was no CEO fired, no technical fault that was discovered about the blockchain, there was no product released that was a big flop. Bitcoin remained the same. Indeed, the biggest external shock to bitcoin has been the bankruptcy of Mt Gox, which was handling a staggering 70% of bitcoin trades before it went bankrupt in February 2014. What did this do to the price? It was hit, but not as much as it was hit a few months earlier, at the end of 2013.
So what happened at the end of 2013? It was the first time bitcoin was priced at over $1000.
Powers of ten, especially powers of ten of the dollar, which is the most common currency of bitcoin trades, matter hugely. Imagine living in a world where bitcoin had only been worth tens of dollars, then suddenly it's over a hundred dollars. It looks expensive, so you sell. Why do shops sell things at $9.99? Because $10.00 looks expensive. Why do people say "you look like a million dollars"? Why not "you look nine hundred grand"? If you told someone "you look like nine million dollars", they'd ask, "why not ten million dollars"? People think in terms of top tens, centuries, millennia. There's a TV show called Who Wants To Be A MiIIionaire, where the top prize is exactly $1,000,000. If the top prize was $999,999 it would be frustrating. If it was $1,245,379 it would be arbitrary and weird.
Human psychology of the power of ten is the only reason for bitcoin's major crashes. If you look at the all-time log graph, overlaid with dollar powers of ten, you'll notice that every single time bitcoin breached a dollar power of ten, it looked expensive, so people generally stopped buying and started selling. It's that simple. Obviously the pattern won't be perfect - sometimes a whale will come in and temporarily force the price to well over a power of ten before it crashes back down. But the fact is that every time it breaches a power of ten, it looks expensive, so it will be sold until it drops below that power of ten.
What about non-dollar power of tens? In April, a strange price movement happened which looked like a mini-crash, yet it wasn't associated with a dollar price mark. You'll probably be able to identify the price movement here. It just so happens that this mini-crash happened at the 1 million Yen mark. It was the first time it had crossed that value in over a month - Japanese buyers must have seen this, then piled in. It looked expensive to the holders, so they sold. The effect is reduced in scale because the Yen isn't used as much as the dollar - but the effect is the same.
Looking at 2013's crash - the time from breaking through the dollar power of ten barrier and the low point was 3 months. 5 months after that, it had breached the next power of ten, before enduring a longer selling period (the longer selling period is because of people's reluctance to sell something that has just broken through 2 powers of ten. People look at linear graphs, not log graphs). Comparing to the crash we've just gone through, and assuming that we're recovering from the low point now (as it looks like we are), it was around 6-7 months from the power of ten mark and the low point (around twice as long as in 2013). See comparison. Assuming the pattern roughly repeats, I estimate that around July-August 2019, bitcoin will be valued at $100,000. It will peak just above that (maybe $110,000), then endure another very long selling period of several years (someone who famously made a bet about eating part of himself will (un)fortunately lose), where it will reach a low of around $20,000 to $30,000. The cycle will then repeat again, but even slower - it will climb and eventually break through the million dollar barrier, slowly crash below it, then slowly climb possibly to the ten million dollar mark, where it will gradually fall below and settle at its true value of 4-5 million dollars, per the valuations above.
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04-14 08:16 - 'I apologize in advance for the length (and format most likely on this thread), but here are the main points with ALL the sourcing you need to prove this is a total scam: / HISTORY OF FALSE " PARTNERSHIP" WITH CHARITY: / I was...' by /u/TimTayshun removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-3min

I apologize in advance for the length (and format most likely on this thread), but here are the main points with ALL the sourcing you need to prove this is a total scam:
I was the first to expose the fact that One World Foundation LIED about their Partnership with the charity SEVA Canada (which helps blind children), after becoming suspicious of the organization and simply deciding to make a phone call and email inquiry.
I received a response from Penny Lyons, SEVA's Executive Director confirming my suspicion of fraudulent association claims.
[link]1 and see this >2min. video put together by Ben Zmith:
[link]2 images:
[link]3 [link]4 [link]5
(Onecoin and One World Foundation CEO and co-founder Mrs. Ruja Ignatova CAUGHT LYING)
Image: from Onecoin's website (reminder Onecoin/ One World Foundation are the same entity run by Ignatova: [link]6 and: [link]7 SEE: 20 seconds into this video from one of their top reps: [link]8 VIDEO shows a Onecoin member flipping through Forbes magazine (and Onecoin curiously appears to have both back cover ad, as well as last page full-page ad): [link]9 WHILE ONECOIN PROMOTED THE ABOVE AS AN ACTUAL "FORBES" COVER (AND ARTICLE) TO LURE NEW INVESTORS, IT WAS MERELY A PAID ADVERTISEMENT FROM THEIR MARKETING ARM CALLED "BRAND VOICE." SOURCE: [link]10
Directly from Forbes Bulgaria's website: [link]11 . or see short video proof HERE: [link]12
QUOTE: "Financial IT magazine is published 4 times a year. With distribution of over 2,000 print and digital copies, our magazine is a perfect media vehicle to extend global reach of your print advertisement and brand awareness campaigns."
SOURCE: [link]13 "
MEDIA KIT: [link]14
This is from a Onecoin top rep (close-up of cover saying "Winter" Issue: [link]15 and this: [link]16 HERE ARE BOTH THE OFFICIAL "WINTER" ISSUE, PLUS THE RUJA (PAID) COVER ISSUE AND STORY
FEBRUARY: [link]18
AGAIN: The FINANCIAL IT magazine cover and story is yet another PAID ADVERTISEMENT using DECEPTIVE TACTICS (and FRAUDULENT marketing) to attract newly invested funds to pay off existing investors
Onecoin/ One World Foundation Founder and CEO, Mrs. Ruja Ignatova announcing that Onecoin will be listed on a new cryptocurrency exchange (on the open market)
The TITLE of this Presentation at GIANT recruiting Conference in Dubai on May 15th, 2015, was,: "Taking Onecoin to the Next Level"
(every indication suggests that this fake "exchange" is likely created by Onecoin themselves)
PLAGIARIZED#1: xcoinx is the exact copy of coinmarketcap (a real exchange), but with Onecoin as the #2 cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap of just under $4 Billion. Coinmarketcap currently lists 730 qty. separate cryptocurrencies. Onecoin is nowhere on that list. Of the many dozens of exchanges, Onecoin is not listed on ANY in the world other than this fake site. DIRECT SOURCE: [link]19 DIRECT SOURCE: [link]21 PLAGIARIZED #2: xcoinx copied 100% VERBATIM the entire FAQ from BitStamp (a respected cryptocurrency exchange) DIRECT SOURCE: http://[link]19 /faq DIRECT SOURCE: [link]23 FURTHERMORE
The price of Onecoin (the same company who runs One World Foundation) NEVER goes down! Only up!!
The price is dictated by Ruja Ignatova and has no basis in reality or free-market economics
HERE is what ANY commodity or currency chart looks like in real life (example): [link]24 HERE is the first chart in the entire world which magically looks like this (SOURCE): [link]25 THIS IS A GIANT PONZI/ PYRAMID SCHEME WHICH SIMPLY CANNOT BE SUSTAINED!
NOTE: I personally challenged one of the top Onecoin recruiters, Ken Labine (Canada) to a LIVE web DEBATE this past Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at 4:00PM PST to expose this information and discuss it. He agreed! HOWEVER, instead, he literally broadcast a 4 1/2 HOUR LONG (!!!) ...soliloquy of himself reading comments and facts I had posted, trying desperately, in a futile attempt, to discredit me (he ended up disabling his comments, as he does on all videos). As of the moment his video has over 1,000 views. He never let me on the air and never let me say even one word, whatsoever. The evasiveness and cowardice was palpable! (
I do not expect you to watch, but here is the link) SOURCE: [link]26 The blogger from Behind MLM site who saw it captured a brief moment of the video and ran it next to Onecoin Founder Ruja Ignatova explaining exactly what Ken Labine was lying about. So, a liar disproving a liar about a scam product which uses DECEPTIVE TACTICS (and FRAUDULENT marketing) to attract newly invested funds to pay off existing investors
[link]29 [link]30 [link]31
Interview with top Onecoin con-artist: [link]32 2nd Finnish NEWS TV coverage of this scam: [link]33
My apology for the length of this message, but this is a very serious matter, dealing with very serious fraud In honesty, this is a very, very small portion of the evidence I have collected over the past 12 months that is damning to Onecoin and One World Foundation They have changed banks too many times to count in the past 12 months Ruja Ignatova (Founde CEO) history is incredibly vague and un-sourceable (and I'm great at sourcing evidence!) Ruja FALSE CLAIMS to be an "expert" and "professional" in cryptocurrency ("authored books," "consulted cryptocurrency companies") HERE she claims Bitcoin started "before terrorist attacks and before September 11 (2001)" - EVERYONE knows that Bitcoin began in January 2009 (certainly an "expert" would. Right?): TITLE: "Dr. Ruja "OneCoin" Ignatova in London 06. Feb. 2016" SEE STARTING AT EXACTLY 5:15 mark: [link]34 Onecoin IS NOW UNDER INVESTIGATION IN THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES for operating an illegal pyramid scheme FINLAND: [link]35 SWEDEN: [link]36 ESTONIA: [link]37 AUSTRIA: [link]38 MORE TO COME, GUARANTEED!
Context Link
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: TimTayshun
1: beh*n*mlm.c**/companies/onecoin*seva-c*n*da**e******onecoin-d**ation**and-severs*t*e*/ 2: 3: behi**mlm*com*wp-*onten*/up*oads/20*5/06/*eva**a*ada-do**t*on-mes*ag*-one-w*rl*-f*un**tion-*ebsit**june-20**.g*f 4: b*hin**lm.*om*w*-cont**t/upl*ads/201*/0*/seva-ca*a*a-onec***-p*omo*i*na*-*ideo.gif 5: be*ind*l*.c*m*wp**ontent/**l*a*s/20**/0*/**-r*lationship-with-onecoin-*n*-world-f*u*dation***va*can*d*-*ebsi*e.gif 6: behind**m.*om*wp-conten*/up*oads/**15*05/ruja**gnato**-for*e*-ma**zi**-cover-*necoin-web**t*.jp* 7: l*lyhar*ey.*om/**-cont**t/****a*s/*015/*2/D*-Ruj*-on-Forbes.jpg 8: 9: 10: w*w***a***roducts/ 11: fo*besbulg****nt/uplo**s*2*1*/*5**over*49.jpg 12: 13: www.fin***i***/con*ent/we*com*-financ*a**i*#*thash*2MS8p*JV.dp*f 14: *in*ncialit*net/sites/defa*lt*fi*e*/*in***ial_IT_M*d*a_Kit**01**pdf 15: 16: wo*a-**n***ueen-dr-ruj*-ig*at**a-mit*titel**nt*rvie*-i**mag*zin***nanci*l-i*/ 17: docdro.i***rIV3*T 18: docd**.i*/QI*xwsk 19: 20: 21: **inmarke*cap**om/ 22: ww**xcoin**co*/faq 23: *ww.bitst*mp*ne*/article*r*laun**-f*q* 24: ww*.tra*e****/bo*rds/*ttach*en*s/fo*ex/9844d109*000*14-**ee-f**cha***-*ax*ba*k-sit*-100504-sa*ple-la*o*t*jpg 25: w**.m*-one*o**n/im*ge**g*aph.jpg 26: 27: 28: *ehindmlm.*om/compani*s/o*ecoin*onec*i*-steal*a**os*-*00***-f*om**f*iliate/ 29: b*hi*dmlm**o**co*panies/onecoin/onecoi*-masterca**-me*ch**t*part-of*a-d*u*-ga*** 30: ww*.st*n**rd*c*.uk*news**ri*e/drugs-g*ng-fou*d-*ui***-of-*m*g**i*g-24-m*llio*-*orth*of-ca*nabis-*n-carpe**-a32*7336.html 31: behind***.*om/com*a*i*s/one*o**/*necoin-*uspend*master*a*d-a*proval***ithd*aw*ls/#commen*-*564*6 32: 33: 34: 35: www.h*.fi*ta*o*s/a*42984*4**546 36: ku*etu*s*t.b*ogspot*com/2**6/03/on**oin*under-polic*-in**sti*ati*n-*n***ml 37: www.est*ni****on*co*n*sc*m/ 38: www***s*mlmcomp**y201*.com*onecoin*on*coin-wa*ning-issu**-*y-a***rian-*on*u**r-protec*i*n/
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LIVE: Watch Bitcoin trade in real time – 06/28/2019 - YouTube Live Bitcoin Chart Liquidation Watch: August 5 2020 - YouTube BITCOIN CHART ZEIGT, DASS.....! Kryptowährungen deutsch MONUMENTAL BITCOIN CHART NOBODY IS WATCHING RIGHT NOW (btc crypto live market news analysis today ta Bitcoin Live Trading

Hyper TV Kurs in Euro € Live , Realtime für Heute. Hyper TV Chart. Heute 02.10.2020 Hyper TV(HYTV) Kryptowährungen kurse für Heute. Hyper TV Kurs in Euro, Franken, Dollar und Bitcoin. Hyper TV Chart (HYTV) €,$,CHF,BTC aktuell Coinkurse in Echtzeit. Hyper TV umrechner und Kalkulator zu Euro €. Bitcoin Kurs in Euro € Live , Realtime für Heute. Bitcoin Chart. Heute 24.10.2020 Bitcoin(BTC) Kryptowährungen kurse für Heute. Bitcoin Kurs in Euro, Franken, Dollar und Bitcoin. Bitcoin Chart (BTC) €,$,CHF,BTC aktuell Coinkurse in Echtzeit. Bitcoin umrechner und Kalkulator zu Euro €. About Bitcoin and prices. Bitcoin is digital money (a cryptocurrency). It was the first payment network that had no central authority and is powered by it's users. Many traditional CFD brokers have begun offering a bitcoin live price for trading. It is a high risk instrument and will take a fair amount of time to fully understand how it works. Tipp: Wer Bitcoin Evolution testen möchte, ist also gut beraten, wenn er mit der Mindesteinlage von 250 Euro startet. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Größenordnung, die ein Investor wohl auch im Fall eines Totalverlustes verschmerzen kann. Denn es ist von zahlreichen Faktoren abhängig, wie die Handelsergebnisse letztlich tatsächlich ausfallen. Welche Renditen möglich und realistisch sind ... BTC-EUR: Charts über verschiedene Zeiträume, von Intraday bis zur maximalen Kurs-Historie.

[index] [43917] [21106] [28575] [46158] [42288] [38341] [12846] [53] [1306] [30434]

LIVE: Watch Bitcoin trade in real time – 06/28/2019 - YouTube

Watch Bitcoin trade in real time as analysts discuss the key drivers behind the cryptocurrency's price and volatility. » Subscribe to CNBC TV: Today we review the 2019 Bitcoin Price Chart to see if we will breakdown or breakout in the upcoming weeks... Want to know what the Boss Method Says? Just cl... Streamed live on Jun 22, 2019 Hat dir das Video gefallen? Gib mir nen DAUMEN HOCH bzw. ... Bitcoin zu 95% bei 100.000 EUR in 2020 (Stock to Flow Ratio) - Duration: 11:05. Dr. Julian Hosp - Bitcoin ... THIS SECRET BITCOIN CHART COULD MAKE YOU WEALTHY (live btc crypto analysis today price news ta) - Duration: 49:05. Crypto Crew University 31,430 views. 49:05. Make a Living in 1 Hour a Day Trading ... Neue Bitcoin Rally oder nur eine Blase? Jetzt einsteigen oder warten? Wie ich Profit gemacht habe Jetzt einsteigen oder warten? Wie ich Profit gemacht habe - Duration: 10:22.